A room with a view

This blog post will have nothing to do with food today (though I’m thinking about food at the current moment). It does, however, have to do with where pieces of my inspiration originate. During private moments of quiet contemplation when ideas flow freely within my mind. Midtown, in the near, yet far distance at different times throughout a span of more than two years. I’m moving soon, but its okay, in my memory, this view shall forever be ingrained.

Spring Sunset

There’s a thunderstorm brewing!

Summer thunderstorm.

Daytime in the summer.

Cold and crisp night.

Hurricane Irene, as she left NYC.

My pink sky at dusk.

Winter sunset.

Clouds in the evening sky.

Early morning with the moon still shining.

As I walk into the sunset. Same view, at ground level.



September 5, 2012 · 9:34 am

2 responses to “A room with a view

  1. Beautiful pictures! Where are you moving to? Out of NYC?

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