Summer in Sweden

Though I love NYC, sometimes I need to escape, so I decided to embark upon a journey across the Atlantic to visit my lovely buddy Maria and her family in Stockholm, Sweden aka, Sverige. It was truly a memorable experience. They showed me around their sparkling land and introduced me to native foods and customs. All I remember saying to myself was “how fortunate I am to be here.”

Sweden is a land of beautiful islands, very attractive inhabitants, innovation (think H&M, Volvo, Ikea, just to name a few) and Nordic gods, hey, hey Thor! But for me, it was much more than that. I will take you on a trip through images filled with beauty, splendor, dynamic people, and plenty of scrumptious meals.

Garden spaces available for rent

A random deer in a backyard

Steaks marinating for the fiery grill. I love the scent of burning charcoal.

Little beach on the beautiful island of Vaxholm, a municipality of the Stockholm archipelago.

Sailboats attached to the dock.

Kallrokt salmon with dill potatoes and a chilled fresh glass of rose.

Apple calvados sorbet, light, crisp, tart and refreshing, the way I love my desserts!

Desserts, tarts and pastries made fresh and beautifully displayed.

Due to the heavy rainfall throughout the entire month of June, the plant life was lush and boasting with vibrancy everywhere. The air is so fresh, it made me cough!! 😀 (A perfect reason to cough, though!)


Narrowest alley in the Gamla Stan, the historic "Old Town" which dates back to as far as the 13th century, medieval times.

Narrowest alley in Gamla Stan, the historic “Old Town” which dates back to as far back as the 13th century. Medieval times, baby!

Fresh lingonberry juice

The guy whipping up my elk dish, I wish you could smell this!

Elk meat, with mashed potato and cloud berries doused in a creamy Graddfil and sprinkled in fresh parsley. A very satisfying lunch.

Cocktail creation “Summer in Sweden” made with gin, fresh watermelon, lime, honey and rosemary. Definitely summer in a glass, but not summer in NYC that’s for sure!

It’s common to eat fresh strawberries after a meal during the summer. There were even wild strawberries growing in Maria’s backyard.

My friend’s parents, Ingrid and Staffan whipped up a herring feast paired with different types of Aquavit accompanied with happy songs! A meal experience never to be forgotten.

Herring and potatoes with fresh dill.

Street Meat in Stockholm, hotdog and mashed potatoes stuffed inside a pita.

Lets take a closer look at what I’m indulging in…

My buddy Maria and I

I’m not going to deny this to you, I actually thought about making my own escargot. These snails were all over the backyard. Um, I may have  accidentally stepped on a few *crunch.* ;(

Crayfish, crawfish, aren’t they both the same? Very similar in physique to the lobster, except that they are from fresh water.

Maria’s childhood friend invited us over for a yummy BBQ feast, and served this for dessert. I’m not generally a “sweets” person. But I must have the recipe to this strawberry tart! I licked my spoon clean, also the plate. ;D

I had to check out their local marketplaces. Amazing!

Fresh jams


A Volvo classic

This photo was taken at 10:45 pm.

I heart you, Sverige!



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4 responses to “Summer in Sweden

  1. Beautiful country and pix!

  2. Malia

    Awesome pictures and story about STHLM. Makes me proud 🙂 Great job!

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