My Sexy Ceviche

My shrimp ceviche “cooking” in fresh citrus, as I patiently await. πŸ˜‰


Ceviche (also spelled cebiche or seviche, depends on origin) is pure summer on a plate, a hot Latino person in dish form, regardless of the season. Peruvian in origin with Arab influences, its an ancient dish that has different variations throughout Latin America, The U.S. and all over the world.

Ceviche has made a huge come back in the food scene, and isn’t leaving anytime soon. Some versions are made with tomato sauce or coconut milk; one similar theme with most recipes is that the star ingredient, either super fresh fish, octopus or shellfish is “cooked” in citrus juice. Lemons are commonly used, but lime, sour orange and grapefruit are also known to be utilized in many different recipe variations. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course on a bed of white rice, a side of plantains or sweet potatoes.

It makes my taste buds dance!

My mouth salivates when it knows its about to get some sexy ceviche action. Its the pure punch-in-your-face flavor made with a combo of red onion, garlic, red or green pepper, cucumber and in certain cases, spicy chiles. Herbs such as fresh mint, parsley or cilantro and a few dashes of Tabasco, um yes please! πŸ™‚ Yummy seafood marinating in all that freshness, sprinkled with sea salt and coarsely cracked black pepper. Ceviche is a dish that makes me happy.

Freshness is key when it comes to Ceviche, so unless the creature has been pulled directly out of the sea, and even then, its better to lightly cook off any potential threat of bacterial growth. Then you can marinate in the citrus juice along with the rest of the ingredients for about 1- 3 hrs. In some cases, it’s served immediately, but again, its all about the freshness factor. What an invigorating meal! Packed with nutrients, and light in calories. Summer on plate. Pass me a Coronita or a glass of rose wine, and I’m set.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Ceviche. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰ xoxoxo


2 lbs of fresh medium shrimp, peeled and de-veined

1 medium red onion (chopped)

3 garlic cloves (minced)

6 large lemons

1 sour orange

1 regular naval orange

2 juicy limes

handful of cilantro (chopped)

1 cucumberΒ  (wax- free, seeds removed, skin intact and chopped)

1 large red pepper (seeds removed, chopped)

1 jalapeno pepper (chopped, remove seeds if you need it less spicy, but extra heat is always welcome, baby!)

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1- 3 dashes of Tabasco sauce

sea salt & fresh coarsely cracked black pepper to taste


In a large hot skillet, add one tbsp of olive oil and lightly cook the shrimp on all sides until pink, immediately remove from heat. In a large mixing bowl, add shrimp, chopped cucumber, red pepper, red onion, jalapeno pepper, and minced garlic into the mix and incorporate thoroughly. Squeeze all the citrus fruit juices into mixture, add Tabasco, salt and pepper to taste. Cover with cellophane, and place into the fridge for 1 – 3 hrs. Last, but not least, add the fresh herbs and mix really well. Serve in a chilled martini glass, over a bed of lettuce and garnish with more fresh herbs. Tastes best when paired with a rose or white wine like sauvignon blanc, or a crisp lager or sparkling wine.

Moi, “Food Vixen” relaxing in the Florida Keys, where many of my fond ceviche memories originate. I think of sunshine, beaches and good times.


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July 2, 2012 · 9:30 pm

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