My tiny urban garden

I’m a concrete jungle kind of gal, after all, I do reside in hustling, bustling NYC, and I really enjoy it. Though one day, hopefully, (God willing) sooner than later, I will own a home in the ‘burbs with a huge gourmet kitchen and a garden filled with delicious, lush produce bringing the concept of “local” to as local one can possibly get.

Today is a day that will go down in history for me as a food enthusiast (6/5/12). I planted my very first two crops. No, I don’t own a garden yet, but this is a definite  beginning. I went to my local florist and purchased nutrient rich soil, a few packets of seedling, and two plant pots, all for under seven dollars. I decided to begin with two of the herbs I’m most familiar with, flat leaf parsley and sweet basil. (Currently, my mind is at work with all the recipes I’ll be using them for, ooh the possibilities are endless, but that’s another blog post altogether!)

I already lovingly refer to them as my girls (you must speak kind words to the plants from what I hear, so that they’ll thrive). I am on my way! This is the first time since childhood I’ve ever planted anything, so I hope it goes well. Why not? I followed the directions to the “T” (whatever that expression means). 😉

A sun- drenched window sill will be the perfect growing environment for my girls.

The window sill in the hallway (drenched with lots of sunlight) will be my garden for now and as I’ve already stated, it’s just the beginning. Soon there will be tomatoes, banana peppers, squash, I have a long list! I will update you on their progress.  I look forward to my new crops, so exciting! I feel as though I’m getting really personal with my food. I’m getting down and dirty, literally!


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June 6, 2012 · 11:21 am

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