Chinatown Delicacies

The other day I set out into the afternoon sun on a quest for the perfect dinner ingredients. I didn’t have a recipe in mind, all I knew was that I NEEDED to finally satiate this enormous seafood craving I’ve had for over a week.

When I arrived at my local neighborhood market, I felt uninspired as I browsed the all too familiar aisles. There is a section especially dedicated to fresh fish, but my choices were limited and everything seemed so pricey. I was in a food rut and because this market is my usual spot, a change was definitely in order. So on a whim, I jumped on the next train headed to Chinatown off Main Street in Flushing, Queens. I knew that as far as seafood is concerned, they would have it all, and then some.

The best thing about New York City living is that almost every country is accessible, all you need to do is hop on the nearest train, and the world is at your feet. It’s thrilling to know that different cultures, languages and most importantly, food are so close to me. I want to learn about all of it. I love NY!

Here are a few photos from my journey into Chinatown:

Please note, most of these photos are of rare Chinese delicacies available for purchase. In the end, I settled for fresh shrimp, mussels and Enoki mushrooms. 😉

NYC, that magical place where you can hop on a train and travel the world.

Exiting the subway onto Main Street

Farmer fresh fruit

The farmer’s market in Chinatown.

Some fish are so fresh, they are taken straight from the tank.

Alive, ready and waiting to be consumed.

Fish mongers at work.

Wall to wall fish.

Duck tongue. I wouldn’t make this myself, but I would be willing to try it, maybe…

Real “pig tails”

Silky Chicken. Dark blue/ black skin. I am very curious about it.

Beef tripe. I eat this in a delicious Latin recipe called “Mondongo.”

Um…. yeah, snakes. Very much alive and slithering around on top of each other. Fresh snake for dinner? (Yuck)

Dehydrated seahorses

This looks like a lizard of some kind, with wings!


Fresh shrimp, and  I mean fresh. They were taken straight out of a tank.

Finally, part of my seafood dinner.

As I stated earlier, I finally opted for fresh mussels and shrimp for dinner that evening, yeah I could’ve found these ingredients at my local market, but I must say that this was well worth the trip. The seafood was fresh and inexpensive plus I learned about the Chinese food scene, where nothing goes to waste. Their cuisine goes much deeper than what I see on a Chinese- American take out menu.


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May 24, 2012 · 2:25 pm

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