Dream Food

It’s overcast outside in the low 60’s, the sun seems to be playing hide n’ seek with the clouds, the sparrows are chirping and the seagulls are cawing. (the East River is nearby) It feels like March but as we all know, it’s May. So what am I in the mood to eat? This is a question that occupies my mind 24/7 and I’m not exaggerating, either. It’s sort of an obsession, but I enjoy it.

I have some mouthwatering  ideas brewing up a storm in this beautiful mind of mine. Last night, I dreamed of cupcakes infused with Nutella chocolate (yay, not allergic!) topped with a rich, silky cream cheese frosting made from sritchity scratch.

India was the land of flavor when I dreamed of succulent lamb meatballs spiced with cumin, rosemary and cardomom paired with a light, tangy dipping sauce consisting of yogurt, fresh garlic, mint, lemon, salt, pepper and some more cumin. All I need to say is yum.

I know that these recipes aren’t unique but I will say that they came to me out of thin air, a silent voice whispered inspiration into my ears as I lay peacefully in the REM stages of sleep. So I awaken with an urge to concoct, I wash up and head straight to my kitchen. Much like a painter is drawn to their canvas, except that my canvas is a plate and the best part is that you can actually eat my art work. ;D

A learning lesson to all who read, yes, the saying is real, as long as you have dreams, and you follow through, they tend to come true. That’s the rule!

Check it out:

My juicy lamb meatballs roasted in a cupcake tin. It was the absolute perfect size! Just me thinking outside the box. 😉

Succulent lamb meatballs infused with red onion, rosemary, and cumin over a refreshing bed of Romaine and quartered plum tomatoes. To be dipped in a cool yogurt sauce consisting of fresh mint, garlic, and even more cumin.

Golden yellow cupcakes infused with chocolatey, velvety Nutella. (Before cream cheese frosting was applied.)


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May 8, 2012 · 5:37 pm

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