Hi, they call me Melissa, aka “Food Vixen.”

I must admit, 2011 was a year of valuable lessons. Life has thrown me a few curve balls in year’s past, and while I won’t get into specifics, lets just say that I am currently equipped with nerves of steel. All it takes is a positive mindset, a little faith, a smile and a “bring it on” type of attitude. These setbacks were mere roadblocks, man! ๐Ÿ™‚

With all this frustration, I buried myself in my writing, and sort of became like a mad scientist in the kitchen. These are the two things I feel most passionate about: writing and cooking. I needed to lose myself in something. The artist part of me had this urge to create, to get it out of my system. It served as a form of therapy (kitchen therapy). This beast (for lack of a better word) was born, she is named “Food Vixen.” This is not an alter ego, rather, a separate side of myself, the one who innovates and creates, particularly in the realm of passion, love and anything delicious!

Vixen: Female fox.

Wonderful respites like the farmer’s market and hot spots like Trader Joes, Whole Foods or the local market in my neighborhood are just a few places of inspiration. Walks through foodie havens like Chinatown or Little Italy can also get my creative juices to flow. All ofย  this beautifully displayed food, to me, is like poetry. How can I express this into words? I am eternally grateful! Soon, I began to dream of food, all the time. Dreaming of poetry on a platter. It was almost strange and enigmatic.

When feeling frustrated, chopping veggies can be an excellent stress reliever. Feeling irritated? Saute some shallots and garlic in white wine and butter with your veggie or protein of choice. The fragrance alone will bring you to the heights of heaven. Or eat anything that tastes like home. Food has the power to soothe, much like a baby is comforted with sweet milk from a bottle (or a teat).

This year I got my feet wet as far as taking my culinary passions to new heights. I auditioned for a few reality cooking TV shows, entered some original recipes into a few contests, won a Kitchen Aid hand mixer and some cookbooks from the Techmunch food bloggers conference in Boston. (Its like the universe is providing me with all the things I need!) Let me add that there’s nothing more inspiring than sitting under the same roof with people who share similar interests. I had the privilege to meet other talented food bloggers with amazing ideas and bursting with creativity. I will sincerely say that I can’t wait until our next meeting!

This is only the beginning. I very much look forward to what 2012 has in store. Maybe one of my recipes will be featured in a cook book, or I’ll get a spot on a cooking show. Maybe murdering a crustacean will become easier for me (doubt it, I’m a softy). God willing, everything I have planned will come into fruition and will be utterly delicious.

If I don’t post again until next year, may you all have a blessed and wonderful new year, I send you a big hug and a kiss too! Here’s to dreams coming true. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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