Destiny’s Breakfast

A semi - goth Destiny around Halloween. She also dressed up as a bumble bee.

My lovely niece, Destiny was inspired to make us breakfast the other morning. What touched me the most was her intent behind this special meal. She refused any assistance, and so we had to oblige. The end result was one of the most memorable breakfasts I’ve ever had. I say this not because she is family but because it truly is one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. Dishes like these are exactly what inspire me to write my blog. Food made from the heart, with a ton of pure love. It was delicious, and so I asked her for the honor of writing for my blog. She smiled and told me that she would love to. 🙂


Destiny’s Bio:

Destiny is a ten yr old in the fifth grade wise beyond her years. Her interests range from art and fashion to singing in the school choir. She is an excellent student and a kind, loving individual to everyone (very popular.) She is also very helpful around the house and aids in caring for her four younger siblings. She inspires all of us each day with her wonderful spirit and warmth. I simply adore her.

Destiny’s notes for her special breakfast recipe.

In her words…..

Sunny day smile breakfast for 3:


  • 5 eggs
  • mozzarella cheese
  • corn beef hash
  • butter
  • salt & pepper
  • sliced bread (plus a small bowl, used as a cutter for toast)

Today I made my mom, “Wela” (aka abuela) and Titi Lissa (aka auntie Melissa) breakfast. I love to cook! Since it was their vacation, I wanted to do something special for them. I used a cookie cutter (aka small dish) to shape the smiley faces.


First, I mixed eggs in bowl and then added salt and pepper. In a hot pan, I added 1 tbsp of butter. I poured the egg mixture onto the pan and added the cheese. Then stir / cook until the eggs were cooked to perfection.

This is a shot of the perfect breakfast she created.



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2 responses to “Destiny’s Breakfast

  1. I love your breakfast makes me hungry and i love your photos beautiful thanks for sharing 🙂

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