Oh honeybee! You heal me.

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My skin is very sensitive, even the finest of laundry detergents,  cosmetics, moisturizers, and soaps can sometimes cause a dramatic skin reaction. Is there such a thing as finicky skin? For me, heck yeah :(.

I’ve discovered a few great over the counter products that work for me, but I’m also really interested in the 100% natural and inexpensive remedies that work just as well.  The other evening I whipped up a recipe I found online for a facial mask, and I am so excited with the results! My face was brightened and smooth like a baby’s behind. The next day people were complimenting on how “rested” I appeared. The best part about it was that I had all these ingredients readily available in my kitchen. I love honey, and I appreciate what the bees do for us humans.

Here’s an all natural and inexpensive way to beautify your skin:

  • 2 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon
  • 2 tbsp of honey

That’s all you’ll need. The combination of these simple ingredients create a vitamin packed punch (pardon the pun) to your face.

Brown Sugar

This serves as an exfoliant, and it improves skin texture.

Lemon Juice

Natural juice from a lemon (my favorite fruit) contain antiseptics and skin toners that kill off bacteria. It’s rich in antioxidants that speed up the cell turnover rate. Makes you look fresh, clean and new, especially when applied externally.

… and Honey

Oh honey! You’re so delicious and medicinal, such a wonderful gift from the bees. It can be applied directly onto the skin to remove pimples and wrinkles or improve sleep quality while speeding up the healing process if ingested. Whenever you’re feeling tired, or groggy, opt for a tablespoon of honey instead of that cup o’ joe for an all natural “pick me up.” (good for kids)  Honey also contains powerful compounds that fight off free radicals and actually help reverse the aging process. It’s one of nature’s finest foods, but unfortunately it’s not sufficiently appreciated nowadays.

So cute! Look at it's face.

The power of food comes in many forms. Our planet Earth offers us a variety of goodnesses (not a real word, but it works well in this sentence) for us to freely use as a form of nourishment. I encourage you to search for all natural ingredients for your skin whenever possible. At the end of the day, it’s better for our environment, better for your pockets and it’s better for you overall. ( The Earth’s fruits can make you look your best!) Let’s show more appreciation.

A list of sites dedicated to saving the honey bee:


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  1. Talking With Bees

    I am trying to get my nearly-wife interested in bees. Perhaps this is the answer? LOL.

    I have a page on my blog to encourage people to use Bee-Friendly Plants.

    And your readers might also be interested in a new type off beehive we have in the UK. Please read my Beehaus Review.

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