Celebrities eating in public

Here are some interesting photos of celebrities caught in the act of eating. After all, they are human. This is my silliest blog post to date. However, I feel that it is my duty as the “Food Vixen” to provide all kinds of entertainment in regards to palatable indulgences. Enjoy.

Cynthia Nixon indulging in God knows what.

George Clooney munching on a dirty water dog.

Rachel Ray is tearing into that burger, it seems delicious!

Fergie having a normal sit down lunch.

George W. Bush looks like such a simpleton, enjoying an ear of corn.

All I have to say about this is "juicy!"

Obama biting into something tasty looking. What a lucky snack. 😉

Betty White is about to get her hot dog on. Goodness!

John Travolta with a stuffed face.

Paul Mc Cartney being fed at a game.

All  images were provided by Bing images under the search term: “celebrities caught in the act of eating.”



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2 responses to “Celebrities eating in public

  1. Goodness me! Wonderful photos! Do check out our blog – we’ve just added some coverage of some lovely words from Cynthia Nixon about our teashop.

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