Feast, not famine!

I am in Brooklyn Heights, NYC, near The River Cafe, one of my favorite, sexy restaurants by the Brooklyn Bridge

I am on a journey of the palate. Feast or Famine? Why are food trucks all the craze? When are cupcakes going out of style? Where are the hidden restaurant gems in all the five boroughs? Who do you think is the hottest foodie personality of all the networks and why? What kind of food moves you? Is it through the tummy really a way into a man’s heart? Why do I throw salt over my left shoulder? Why do I feel sexy after I eat an oyster? Why do people carry a bottle of water around as though they were taking a walk through the Sahara desert? I mean, does it look cool to hold water? Why do some people hate to admit they like things such as sardines anchovies or tuna directly from a can? Why does it seem that every single pizzeria joint in NYC describes themselves as “The Best?” I drink hot sauce straight from the bottle, does that make me weird? Why do they throw rice in weddings? Why do we say cheers or salud?  By the way, who was that daring man or woman who first ate a truffle? Do you trust skinny chefs? (I do.) Why does chocolate make you feel a similar giddy emotion to love? Questions……… I have most of the answers. Currently working on some fresh posts, stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Feast, not famine!

  1. Nice pic (and blog!). I noticed your blog after I was notified from wordpress that you “liked” my fleshly pressed post on the Royal Opera House in Muscat. Thanks! Fascinating blog! Keep up the great blogging!

    • Thank you for your kind words!! 🙂 I thought your photos were fascinating, and I love Don Quixote. I want to travel abroad and your blog definitely inspires me to get moving even sooner. Keep up with your great work! Congrats on being freshly pressed. Well deserved.

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