All eyes on you at “Grill 21”

A couple of months ago, I accompanied some friends to “Grill 21”  a hidden gem of an eatery specializing in Filipino cuisine tucked away on a downtown, NYC cross street. Inside, colorful murals cover the walls in a space made to fit only six or seven tables (outside dining available in good weather). Other than the fish eye I’ve consumed, the food here is simply amazing, great service with a smile, and beautifully presented dishes that boast with flavor.

I decided I wanted to be a clown during dinner and make a spectacle of myself eating the eye that seemed to be staring straight at me. Okay, so here goes:

Whole Tilapia

Whole Tilapia, minus the eye

The eye minus the Tilapia

My facial expression after consumption of the Tilapia eye

So there you have it and it wasn’t as terrible as I made it seem. I was grossed out by the oily, gelatinous texture. Or maybe I was just repulsed by the idea of having just eaten an eye. Lol.

There are many cultures that believe in no part of the animal going to waste. I happen to agree with this train of thought because growing up in the Latino culture, I have eaten some pretty interesting body parts such as chicken feet, pork knuckles, and pig ears, to say the least (yum!). Fish eyes are a delicacy in parts of the Caribbean, The Philippines and China. At the end of the day I can at least say that I have tried fish eyes. Will I ever try them again? Probably.

Here are photos of some other delicious dishes we tried at “Grill 21”


Here is a link with more information about “Grill 21”



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2 responses to “All eyes on you at “Grill 21”

  1. I see Sisig, and Crispy Pata…. next time try out the Dinuguan, and the Kare – Kare. 🙂

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