There is a heavenly magic in wine that adds sheer delight to the world. It’s a product of nature, honed and cultivated by humankind. It’s effects are not only euphoric, but when consumed in moderation, are proven to heal the mind and body.

People have been enjoying wine since the B.C. era. Amphoras were found inside ancient tombs (a two handled jar, used to carry wine) and there are numerous references made to wine in The Holy Bible. The discovery of wine was accidental. There’s a fable that suggests a distressed harem girl attempted to commit suicide by eating spoiled grapes. Upon consumption she became giddy and her mood improved, she eventually caught on to the fact and the rest is history.

The Mediterranean diet (particularly French) is chocked full of butter, animal fats and red meat. They consume ten times more wine than the U.S., yet obesity is uncommon and their cholesterol levels are considerably lower than they are here and one of lowest in the world next to Japan. This discovery is known as the French paradox, which produced a new generation of red wine guzzlers in the United States, but until now the results have not been observable.

The thing I appreciate most  about wine is that it lowers inhibitions and great conversations are made. Spirits are lifted, and worries seem to vanish. Personally, there’s nothing like wine paired with food. I truly love the enhanced version of a meal that wine creates. Wine can transform the flavor of a meal creating a whole new essence. An ideal Friday evening would consist of a glass or two (maybe three) of Pinot Noir, a fruit & cheese platter and great conversation.


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