Let food be thy medicine

What are the secrets to clear, zit- free skin? Magazines are adorned with photographs of flawless beauties, thanks to good genes, diet, exercise and a little airbrush magic. I had a much anticipated promotional photo shoot scheduled earlier this week. A photographer friend flew in from Toronto just for the occasion, and boom! As Lady Luck would have it, I felt the beginnings of what would morph into a huge zit. Ahh! Why me?? Why now? I am not a teenager, I try to eat the right foods and I have a pretty decent skin care regime. Sure, I have been prone to zit or two every once in while, but man, what timing!! Oh well, what’s done is done. Nothing a little makeup can’t conceal and some airbrush magic can’t erase.

Now, I patiently await for the final product: my retouched photos…..stay tuned.

In the meantime, I did some research on skincare and the common culprits to blame for acne and blemishes are a poor diet, stress and environmental factors. So at least we have a degree of control over our skin’s appearance. Come to think of it, all the stress I had about the upcoming shoot probably sent my hormones haywire.

Tips for the maintenance of a healthy complexion

  1. Water, water, and more water
  2. Eat anything dark green, like kale or spinach
  3. Eat tomatoes (helps protect against sunburn.)
  4. Eat carrots (vitamin A helps keep skin smooth)
  5. Eat raw nuts, fruits and veggies
  6. Eat oysters (high in zinc, very good collagen producer)
  7. Wild Salmon (omega 3’s)
  8. Low fat yogurt (live cultures)
  9. Eat high fiber foods like oatmeal. (cleanses the body)
  10. Anything berry particularly blueberries which are high in antioxidants
  11. Stay away from stressful people & situations
  12. Get plenty of rest
  13. Don’t let Fido lick your face (for obvious reasons)
  14. Don’t touch your face
  15. Don’t allow others to touch your face
  16. Use good quality, hypo – allergenic makeup
  17. Wash with antibacterial soap like Cetaphil
  18. Exercise (keeps skin vibrant)
  19. Maintain a healthy love life (you know what I mean)
  20. Use a combination sunblock & moisturizer
  21. Get sunshine! (vitamin D is great for the skin)
  22. Try to limit exposure to unnatural flourescent light which can eventually produce a somewhat pale pallor.
  23. Limit alcohol intake (saps skin of moisture)
  24. Limit caffeine intake
  25. Limit salt intake (hello? water retention)
  26. Quit smoking (or limit smoking)
  27. Limit red meat consumption
  28. Smell the roses
  29. Get a tan
  30. Get a facial

Don't squeeze your face!!!!

Check out the following website, it provides a simple topical recipe made with food to treat pimples and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. Let food be thy medicine.



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