The retro way to eat: 1950’s

If I were to live in another time, one of the decades I would choose would be the 1950’s. We just entered into the golden age of television, the era of the casserole, the decade that introduced TV dinners and the opening of the first fast food joints in sunny California. We survived the Depression, and endured Prohibition. We emerged from a decade of rationing resources such as food, clothing and metal due to WW2. It was the rebirth of our nation and a turning point in the American kitchen. Everything seemed so innocent.

The food choices were not very appealing, diets were high in fat and refrigerators and kitchen cupboards were filled with cheap, processed and ready to eat foods. It became the casserole decade due to the many soup varieties, such as Campbell’s. People were surprised at what some kind of meat and a can of soup could do in a oven. Quick canned and frozen food designed to give busy housewives more time to do what they wanted. Emotions lingered from the war and people had been accustomed to the idea of money and resources being tight.

This decade reshaped the food world. Little did we realize what the negative effects of a diet high in fat and processed foods would create (diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease). Be that as it may, if it weren’t for the 1950’s we would not be equipped with the knowledge we now have. It served itself as a learning lesson. That is why I have such an appreciation for this otherwise glamorous period of time.

For retro 1950’s recipes, info and cookbooks check out the following sites:


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