A foodie’s dream

Succulent flavors dancing on my taste buds baked potato topped with chives and genuine not imitation bacon bits smothered in butter and sour cream. Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, chocolate chip crepes, Cherry Garcia ice cream. Nachos supreme and Lay’s lime & salt potato chips. Pork chops, T- bone steak and mushrooms, chicken Ceasar salad extra anchovies heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in a salad caprese. Deep ruby red I’ll take a Cabernet please, with some artisanal cheese, side of kalamata olives too! I’ll go for a dip in a chocolate truffle pool. Piping hot N.Y. style pizza followed with cappuccino and a sweet Danish covered in nuts (in my dream, I’m not allergic). Southern fried chicken washed down with a full caloric iced cold beer. Frickles and ice cream, cornbread, Cajun crayfish, steamed lobster and snow crab legs with warm butter sauce. Oysters and mussels sweet gifts from the sea, come here, get in my belly!!! It’s raining food, in my dream nobody is ever hungry, you can eat and eat and always remain skinny! Please forgive me, I sound like such a glutton!


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