Olive you!

If you were to ask me what single most item of food I’ve consumed in my lifetime, it would take only a second for me to answer olives! Definitely olives! Ooh, where do I begin? Since early childhood, I think I’ve eaten olives six days out of seven (no exaggeration). I might even begin an olive journal to monitor my olive intake, because now I am curious :). It’s the perfect bite sized snack (please watch out for the pits), and are so tasty. In fact, as I write this blog post I am indulging in some Kalamata goodness.

The olive tree a.k.a Olea Europea is popular for its longevity and high resilience to extreme weather conditions. Olives are the “fruit” of the tree, and take about eight years to bud. When they do grow, you can’t eat them directly off the tree, they first have to be processed and cured.

Olives have made such a huge impact on society for ages. They were not just a mere food. Olives and it essence, olive oil were and still remain to be used in the creation of medicines and cosmetics. Jars of olive oil were infused with grass and flowers to create natural moisturizers, perfumes and massage oil. The most noble of heads were anointed with olive oil during sacred rituals; and the Greek poet, Homer (not Simpson) referred to it as “liquid gold.”

Olives and olive oil seem like the healthiest thing to put into or onto our body. Olive oil provides the purest fat possible, raises HDL levels while lowering LDL. Aids in digestion, it’s very soothing for coughs, colds and sore throat symptoms.  It’s great for wasp stings and patches of dry skin, swimmers rub it into their skin to keep warm in icy waters! It’s even known to reverse the intoxicating effects of alcohol consumption (interesting). If you desire youthful, luminous skin and silky shiny hair like the sexy women of the Mediterranean, then you should use it liberally (internally and externally).

The ancient olive and its oily essence are a major God send. A food so perfect in its creation because it provides sustenance in every way you can imagine. I have a few friends who hate olives, but little do they realize, they love its essence (olive oil).

For olive recipes and other facts check out the following sites:




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