Escargot, an intriguing delicacy

Escargot (snails), are mainly thought of as a French dish, but have been savored by different cultures for ages, particularly the Greeks and Romans. Empty snail shells  were discovered inside the caves of prehistoric men.

Escargot are land snails and are mollusks. (similar to oysters, but they are not to be eaten raw!) Mollusks are rich in protein and can be low in fat, as long as they are not cooked in butter. (They are  best cooked in butter, garlic, parsley and white wine sauce, in my opinion, though.) They are a delicacy. Laws have been implemented to control the risk of over- hunting. Snail farms have also been formed, but it is said that  they are not as tasty as the “free- range” snails found in the wild.

The average person would probably think of escargot as an un-sexy dish.  I mean, who would’ve thought that a slimy slithering creature similar to a slug could be so darn tasty! With an opened mind,  a few pieces of warm crusty bread to mop up the buttery goodness and a glass of red or white wine, prepare your taste buds for a happy dance. It has also been believed, but not necessarily proven that escargot aids in the prevention of breast cancer. That just adds to the allure of this dish. (

There are no ends to my culinary endeavors, as I strive to taste every single delicious thing on Earth. I usually enjoy preparing my meals from the comforts of my home. However, complex dishes such as escargot are to be left to the professionals, such as the French. I have compiled a list below of a few great places to indulge on these yummy creatures.

  1. “Les Halles” NYC
  2. “Le Bateau Ivre” NYC
  3. “Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro” NYC
  4. “le Moulin de la Gallete” Paris, France

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