The greatest Halal street vendor ever!

I took this photograph at the crack of dawn, literally. My work day was complete about four hours earlier, and being that Saturday is really “my Friday” I was less than compelled to go straight home. So, I met up with a few friends at a local libation spot.

In the middle of the night, I have a tendency to want to eat like a ravenous pig. It has become somewhat of a ritual for me to grab a bite at an all night eatery with friends after work on Saturdays.

If you are not already aware of this popular Halal street vendor on 53rd Street and 6th avenue, well let me tell you…. There is usually a line that almost reaches 7th avenue, there are two carts with up to five or six employees dressed in bright, yellow shirts. Groups of friends in search of an inexpensive, yet delicious meal, ($6) gather around. Drunken chatter in the distance,  individuals walking around with a to go tin platter, plastic fork in hand, indulging while they walk.

A high turnover rate, which guarantees freshness. Generous portions of Lamb or chicken, yellow rice, shredded iceberg lettuce for a touch of freshness, and yogurt on the side. They also have a uber spicy hot sauce you can use, but beware! You can’t go wrong in terms of satisfaction with this meal. There is limited seating, although there are a few fountains with some clearance that one can use as a table or chair.

The soothing sound of water falling in the fountains, the passage of cars to and fro (minus the blaring horns or traffic, because of the hour) a bottle of cold refreshing spring water, I can’t really verbally explain how great it truly felt to be alive at that moment. (I love food!) I look up into the sky and decided that I should take a picture, I was thankful to God. 🙂 If you are a New Yorker, and love food, please try this spot. Comfort food central.


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