Gallery of inspirational foodie art

Each of these images somehow remind me of the subtle emotions associated with situations surrounded by food & drink. They are a reminder of my travels throughout the world, my fabulous evenings out with friends in NYC, of kicking back and savoring each particle of my life. Its not only a hunger for food, but a hunger to live. Art has a way of moving me to a greater dimension. My fascination with art also has led me to believe that there is always a bigger picture and not everything is as what it seems.

I want to share a few inspirational foodie art pieces that move me.

"Olio Radino" Gini Boccasile

"Bol Olives" Laurier

"Close view of a Geisha eating tofu with chopsticks" Chris Johns

"Les Sirens" Keith Mallett

"Girl selling food, Hanoi Vietnam" Jerry Alexander

"Rendezvous" Lorenzo Mattotti

"Spanish Kitchen" Liz Myhill

"Kitchen Collage" Elizabeth Pope

"Ingredients for Mediterranean dishes" Martina Urban

"Fettuccini Alfredo" Darrin Hoover

"Sakura Tea" Krista Sewell


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