Food, how delightfully sexy……..

I came across this advertisement for Burger King a few days ago, and thought it would be perfect for a blog post. This image is a clear demonstration of how closely related the act of is eating to the act of sex, without being considered a pervert.

I am what people like to refer to as a “foodie” or a food addict. In fact, I need to exercise daily just so I can indulge in the savory experience of dining. Food nourishes the body, increases vitality and creates a common unity among everyone.

The experience of a meal can go far beyond simple nourishment. It is a savory gift for the taste buds, touching the soul. As it awakens the five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell; it has the power to sustain and satisfy. Any love that is placed into a meal can be sensed by the eater. It is a heavenly, cozy experience.

That being said, although I have this passionate love affair with food, I am selective as to what kind of food I put into my body or into the bodies of my friends and relatives. I strive to create dishes and pick recipes with tender loving care. Everything must be of the highest quality and must have the powers to comfort and heal.

I can appreciate any tasty meal, like a juicy cheese burger from my favorite diner, or a zesty corned beef sandwich from the deli on the corner.  If it makes me or my loved ones happy and awakens the five senses, then it is delightful! I am downright ravenous for food. It’s so satisfying and scrumptious. Wow, I can go on and on about it. (Maybe I was a animal of some kind in my past life, like a cat or dog. Lol! )


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